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Part 3: Alternative Careers For MD’s

Part 3 Alternative Careers For MD’s

This is the last article in our three part series. If you haven’t read part one and two yet, you might want to start there. In those two articles, we talked about, in some depth, why someone might want to leave the medical profession, and we provided some insights directly from former doctors who have done just that.

The truth is that there are endless reasons why someone might choose to become a doctor. And there are as many reasons why someone might change their mind. So, even if you don’t find something in these articles that sounds like the next step for you, there are virtually endless other options available.

If you want to do something completely unrelated to your medical education, you can. You’re clearly smart. You know how to learn. You’ve thrived in the academic environment. Those traits mean that choosing a completely different direction for your life and career may not be out of your grasp. It may not happen quickly, and it may not be easy, but hey, how easy was it getting to this stage in your medical education or career as a physician? We’re guessing that, no matter how smart you are, it was pretty tough.

Here are a few more career options for former medical students and former physicians.

Healthcare Communication

Communications consultants are typically self-employed and are hired by organizations, such as  insurance companies, media outlets, and professional sports franchises, to provide advice, and bridge the frequent communication gaps between medical professionals and people who work in other types of businesses.

Medical Law

While you’ll be taking on new educational challenges, which may seem daunting after medical school, the field of medical law can be very rewarding. You can work as a consultant, or as an attorney, in a variety of specialty areas.


Your medical education makes research a great option. You can do forensic research, clinical research, or move into other types of scientific or sociological research that are outside of the medical field.

Part 3 Alternative Careers For MD’s CTA

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources to check out if you are considering making a change:

  • The National Association for MD/MBA Students has information about education, career opportunities, and provides networking opportunities.
  • The Bio Careers Center is the result of a collaboration between several universities to develop a career center focused on alternative career paths for MDs and PHds. Take their self-assessment test if you are just not sure what direction you should go. You’ll also find many other useful resources on their website.
  • The AAMC has a career development service that provides advice on career paths for physicians in and out of the medical field.
  • SEAK, Inc. is an education and consulting company that hosts conferences across the country, and specializes in training physicians, lawyers, nurses, and other professionals to be expert witnesses.
  • You’ll find good information about careers in public health from the Association of Schools of Public Health.  
  • If you think that health care administration might be the right path for you, start by contacting the Association of University Programs in Health Administration.
  • The American Medical Writers Association hosts a lot of helpful information on their website. You’ll find everything from the types of publications you can write for to ideas for freelance projects, job opportunities, and networking advice. They’ve even got an online toolkit for new writers.

That brings our three-part series on alternative careers for medical professionals to an end. Regardless of where you go after your medical education, you’ll definitely want to use the latest technology, like the XebraPro App, to make the most of the education you are getting right now.

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