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Patient Engagement Survey: Technology Tools Gain Support

Analysis of the third NEJM Catalyst Insights Council Survey on Patient Engagement. Qualified executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians may join the Insights Council and share their perspectives on health care delivery transformation. Views about technology tools for patient engagement are evolving rapidly. The use and payment of these tools is changing, and there is more […]

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Are Med Students Unprepared? Who’s to Blame?

We learn how to act as physicians through observation and experience. This is particularly true during medical school, where attending physicians and residents shape interns and students through their actions. Unfortunately, we have many medical school leaders and clinician-educators who know how to talk the talk, but are deficient at walking the walk. Recently, the […]

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Med School Students: Case Study #2

A 47 year old woman has been admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain, and fairly advanced jaundice. What questions would you ask to properly diagnose her? What assumptions would you make? Symptom Exploration Originally, the patient indicated that her only symptoms were her off-color skin and a pain in her right side. As admitting […]

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Med School Students: Case Study #1

Take a look at this case study and see how well you think you would do with the evaluation and diagnosis.   Shortness of Breath This case study involves a 60-year-old patient with no history of heart or lung disease. Up until six months ago, he had been pretty active. He took regular walks with […]

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Part 3: Alternative Careers For MD’s

This is the last article in our three part series. If you haven’t read part one and two yet, you might want to start there. In those two articles, we talked about, in some depth, why someone might want to leave the medical profession, and we provided some insights directly from former doctors who have […]

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Part 2: Alternative Careers For MD’s

Are you a medical student who is rethinking your decision to become a clinical practitioner? Are you a resident who finds yourself wondering what the heck you’ve gotten yourself into? Or are you a practicing physician with a desire to try something new? If you fall into one of these categories, you shouldn’t feel like […]

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Alternative Careers For MD’s

Maybe you are at the beginning of your educational journey, or maybe you are mid-way through your residency. Wherever you’re at right now, if you are questioning your decision to become a practicing physician, you are not alone. Don’t lose sight however, that there is a good reason you are pursuing this course of education. […]

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Starting clinical rotations? Read this.

Your life is changing. You’ve been focused on vocabulary, facts, grammar and the ins-and-outs of the science of medicine. You’ve got all of that knowledge firmly in your grasp. The next step is for you to put all of that knowledge into practice. You’ll be working with patients, peers, senior residents and attendings. Your job […]

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Tips for surviving your first year of residency

That first day is pretty thrilling. It is a whole new phase to your education. You are part of a whole new batch of residents who will find their way, and fall into their niche. Which will you be; humanitarian, slacker, superstar, researcher, gunner? It probably won’t be the one you think, and that’s a […]

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Tips for surviving med school

Attention first year medical students. Everything you’ve heard that scares the pants off you about medical school is true. Well, okay, most of it is true. You are about to take on some the most academically, physically and emotionally challenging training imaginable. First years can find themselves in a panic, on a path to burnout, […]

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