Our Story

Physician Cognition is passionate about helping to create a more efficient healthcare system for all. We do this by creating innovative technology products that empower healthcare professionals, clinicians, and students to make the most accurate & informed healthcare decisions possible. Improving critical thinking skills is the bedrock of our solution. Our team is a mix of top doctors, healthcare professionals and technology experts.

Our Mission

Physician Cognition’s mission is to reduce diagnostic error and support clinician’s and patient’s decision-making.


Clinicians are just getting busier. There are shortages of physicians and nurses around the world. Mandates to integrate insurance guidelines, perform EHR data entry, and take detailed notes. It all gives clinicians little time to hear a patient’s story, to ask all scientifically relevant questions, and to do comprehensive research on a patient’s condition — or conditions.

There are over 540 potential causes of chest pain alone, and it’s been estimated that specialists would need to read 160 hours a week to keep up with new developments. Yet humans can only hold in mind about 7 variables at a time. And as Nobelist Daniel Kahneman has shown, humans - yes, including clinicians - have challenges with probabilistic thinking.

This is why our mission is to help clinicians be the best diagnosticians and caregivers they can possibly be. That’s why we can help them take a patient’s whole story even before the clinicians arrives, generate comprehensive differential diagnoses, and automatically create notes in the normal course of the clinical workflow.

We free up clinicians’ time and cognitive energy for what they do best: listening, watching, touching, expressing compassion, reassuring, motivating — in short, healing. We make it all possible by allowing computers and algorithms to do what they do best, capturing all relevant data from a patient, whether in your exam room, waiting room, or before the patient even leaves home. The future of medicine is now in the palm of your hand with XebraPro.

Xebra Founding Team

Dr. Vipindas Chengat

Innovator & Chairman

Christian Habermann

Chief Marketing Officer

Sunjith Sukumaran

Chief Technology Officer

Board & Advisors

  • Robert Baker, JD -SVP and GC, IDX Systems; CEO, IT Health Consulting.
  • Nick Beard, MD -CMO/VP Health Informatics, MCG; CIO UK medical informatics facility; Director PWC Health Research Inst.; MD, University of London; MS, Imperial College of London; Clinical Assistant Professor, Oregon Health & Science University.
  • Davis Fansler -Healthcare consultant for 37 years: business advisory services to integrated delivery systems, hospital-physician integration strategies, medical practice performance, and ambulatory strategic planning Dr. Sean Riley – Internist, Informaticist, Kaiser Permanente.
  • Dr. Philip Vaidyan -Director, Hospital Medicine, SSM St. Mary’s Health Center at IPC, The Hospitalist Company, Inc.

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