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  • Patients

    Take control of your healthcare and receive instant diagnoses of your symptoms. Xebra can process over thousands of inputs into a clear diagnosis to help you better understand your health in seconds.

  • Clinicians

    Doctors, PA's, NP's now have a support tool using advanced algorithm, AI and machine learning to help them better understand their patients.

  • Medical School Community

    Promote critical thinking in your classes with our innovative tool that provides a novel teaching & learning experience.

Xebra simply helps to improve clinical healthcare decisions.

Xebra's algorithmic technology was developed by top clinicians & data scientists. We provide advanced medical decision making systems and support tools for clinicians, patients and medical students to use in real time. Our goal is to help improve the overall quality of care in our healthcare community by providing tools that empower clinicians, patients and the medical school community.

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Clinical Decision Support.

No other search engine or tool can dynamically generate and refine sophisticated differential diagnoses from any number of symptoms, signs, and labs, nor symptom duration, context, and presentation, much less location and medication side-effects. Yet the failure to do so is a recipe for premature closure.

Create a more Interactive Learning Experience .

  • Build your own case studies with
    your curriculum.
  • Students can develop diagnoses individually
    or in groups.
  • Real time cases promote an unmatched
    learning experience.

Future of
Medicine is Here.

Our differential diagnosis search & education engine uniquely applies the expert strategies of top clinicians. While common errors in critical thinking can be avoided by a checklist strategy, there is currently no solution but ours for preventing cognitive error on any clinical scenario, novel or common. Our continually refined True ClosureTM workup Guides tell clinicians every symptom or medication to ask about, every physical sign to take, and every lab or other test to conduct.
Every feature in our algorithm is built by doctors. The algorithm is unique in mimicking the decision-making processes and cognitive strategies of top doctors. By contrast, predictive analytics tools use averages, which isn't helpful for individual patients. Fever in Patient #1 could mean meningitis, but in patient #2, the flu. There is no average. Our technology thinks like the clinician who must work with an individual patient and not an epidemiological average. It can interpret complex clinical data and give inferences found only among doctors with decades of experience. It also continuously learns from users, continually improving its own intelligence!
Real-Time Use by Clinicians: Our technology can be used in real-time clinical practice, on patients, by doctors and nurses- not to mention by patients facilitating triage from home. And our individual algorithms are all transparent, so that clinicians can meaningfully agree or disagree with their decisions and inferences- and train them to greater accuracy. Real-Time Use by Students: Our technology can be used by medical, nursing, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and pharmacy student for powerful medical education.

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